We have courses for everyone, from absolute beginners to IELTS or an Oxford certificate

Beginner Level Courses

We have lessons for those who are just beginners in English, or even for those who can speak no English at all.


Start speaking full sentences in your first lesson, master the basics in 25 hours, and have a vocabulary of over 1,000 words by your 100th lesson. You will hear or speak 6,000 words of English per lesson and be completely immersed in the language , for rapid progress in your vocabularly, grammar,  sentence speaking, fluency and confidence. 


Intermediate Level Courses

For those with a basic grasp of English already, we will boost your speaking (25 hours) or take you to advanced fluency (100 hours) 

All lessons involve complete immersion in English as you speak or hear 6,000 words per lesson from our expert teachers as part of the DISE curriculum, and take part in conversation classes to boost your fluency and confidence

Advanced Level Courses

For students looking to perfect their spoken English, our advanced level contains advanced level lessons from our curriculum and advanced conversation practice with our expert teachers. Learn advanced vocabulary, grammar and practice speaking complex sentences, as well as presentations and debating in English. 


IELTS Level Courses

One of our most popular courses is our IELTS preparation. IELTS is an English exam that acts as a possible passport to English-speaking countries across the world. We use IELTS specialist teachers, an innovative AI-enhanced software solution and voice-to-text practice problems to support your IELTS journey, combined with our curriculum based on our principles of learning and teaching. We offer both IELTS for both the general and academic exam, with teachers in both fields who have years' of experience preparing and supporting students succeed in IELTS.