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Our lessons and practice problems - which used best in class voice to text software - can be accessed using a simple Android mobile phone. There are no expensive textbooks.

Research Driven

Our lessons are based on 40 years US research into why students struggle to learn English. They are scientifically structured to ensure maximum spoken confidence and fluency from minimum teaching time.

Rapid Progress

Students hear of speak 6000 words a lesson, master the basics in a month and are fluent in a year.

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Our Curriculum

Is based on Engelmann's principles of Direct Instruction. It is proven to get students from beginner to speaking fluently in one year.

Lessons are delivered entirely in English.

  • Multiple Strands
    Our lessons involve learning and speaking about multiple topics, like a real conversation

  • Spaced Retrieval
    Students revisit material at scientifically spaced intervals to aid long term memory

  • Rapid Correction
    Our teachers kindly correct all your mistakes, to get you quickly speaking perfect English

  • Regular Checking & Assessment
    We have regular formative assessments, and quiz for understanding in every lesson

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